Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Elmo Birthday Party

This past weekend I made a few cupcakes for a friend who's baby was turning one. The party was "Elmo" themed and it seemed only fitting to make Elmo cupcakes. I had been wanting to make some sort of Elmo cake or cupcake for a while, so I was excited to use this opportunity to do so.

The cupcakes were carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I like to use these flavors for the little ones because I feel it's slightly healthier than doing just a vanilla or chocolate cake. They're having a veggie - carrots and a protein - cream cheese! Ok, well, sorta...

The birthday boy was so adorable! He just dove right into those cupcakes when his mommy put them in front of him and he kept going until his parents decided he'd had enough. It was the first time I truly enjoyed watching one of my edible creations be torn apart.

I had such a fun time making these cupcakes and they were so well received that I cannot wait to make these again - maybe even the whole Sesame Street monster crew next time!

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