Sunday, December 9, 2012

Superhero Birthday Party!

About a month ago, one of my friends asked me to make her son's 4th birthday cake decorations - that's right, decorations. Not the cake, not the cupcakes, just the decorations. I thought this was such a great idea, especially for those who like to bake and want the look of a custom cake but may not have the time or experience of making such detailed and labor-intensive decorations.

Her son, quite the little superhero himself, wanted his party to have a superhero theme. And not just any superhero, but quite nearly all the superheros! It was such fun for me to create these little medallions that would go atop the cupcakes my friend would make for his birthday party. I have to be honest, I didn't know many of the logos belonging to these superheros, but a quick Google search took care of that.

Top row (left to right): Green Lantern, Spiderman, The Hulk, Flash Gordon. Bottom row (left to right): Captain America, Batman, The Incredibles, Superman.
 These superhero medallions were created during the week Sandy hit. We had no power that week and making these medallions was a great way to spend the sunlit days. And since they required no baking or refrigeration, it was quite perfect.

Onomatopoetic words

I've made and blogged about these fondant medallions before, both here and here. They are proving to be such a versatile adornment to cupcakes and can really fit in with any theme. 

It was such a pleasure to be responsible for such a fun, memorable part of this special little boy's very special day. Thanks for the opportunity, guys.

My friend's home-made cupcakes topped with my fondant medallions.


  1. HI! Can I order some of these from you? I am planning my son's 4th birthday....a superhero birthday party-- and these would be perfect for his party!!
    Let me know if this would be possible?

    Thank you!

    1. Katherine,
      Please contact me via email (see my "Email Me" button on the right column of this page) about the superhero medallions.
      Thanks so much.

  2. Hi! For some reason my computer won't let me email you from the "email me" button. Is there another way I can get your email? Sorry....not sure what the deal is.

    thank you!

  3. Hi! I too am having a superhero birthday and these are amazing! My computer won't let me use the "Email me" button either. Can I reach out some other way?

    Thank you!!


  4. Hey Kelly,
    You can contact me at