Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A New Blog for a New Year!

Hey everyone!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to bake everything from the very basics to the more involved desserts?
Do you want a site that is comprehensive, concise and chock full of all the recipes you'd ever need to be an awesome, experienced baker?
If this is you, come check out my new blog Leelabean Bakes! It's a blog devoted to teaching the basics of baking with a little education along the way. I will share with you tips and tricks and you can contact me if you ever have any baking questions you want answered.
Each week, we'll go over a different recipe from cakes to cookies, pies to ice cream! As we go along, you'll collect a greater knowledge of baking and recipes for you to wow your friends and family with.
Come check out my new site: Leelabean Bakes! and subscribe to my RSS feed or subscribe to Leelabean Bakes Feed by Email and come with me on this fun confectionery journey!
First up, we all need an all purpose yellow cake recipe. This cake is so versatile and pairs well with so many different accompaniments! Come and get your baking on with Simply Delicious Yellow Cake and get the rundown on some basic cake types on Cakes 101 - A Summary!
Hope to see you all there!


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