Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hi everybody!
This week was choc-full of baking as we were closing out the school year. We made cake pops for the kids at school. They had funfetti cake inside. Kids love cake pops because basically, they are personal-sized adorable balls of sugar. I, myself, am not the biggest fan. There's too much sweet and not enough flavor. But it's all good, because like i said - the kids love 'em and they are super easy to make.

For the teachers, we made little cakes shaped like apples. The cakes were apple spice with a yummy cinnamon buttercream. You may be wondering why I keep saying "we" rather than "I..." well, I happen to be lucky enough to have two little elves who are always assisting me in the kitchen, so it's a team effort! Now, if only they would help me in other areas of the house......

As if that wasn't enough, I felt compelled to make even more.. I'd finally gone out and bought myself a kitchen scale - a necessary tool for a baker - and so I decided to try my hand at making the elusive macarons! Two hours later, following explicit directions to a T, and breaking my blender in the process, I came out with these beauties! Success!!

I filled some of them with the leftover cinnamon buttercream from my apple cakes and others with Nutella. The kids and I preferred the taste of the cinnamon buttercream-filled macarons. Yum!

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  1. I LOVE the apple cake pops and those macarons look divine! Keep up the good work Leela! :)