Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Changing Seasons...

Even though there is nearly a month left of summer once school begins, I am always quick to jump in to all things Autumn! Blooming Spring flowers are optimistic - a sign of rebirth and renewal. Summer sun is relaxing and lazy. Warming up near a fireplace during the first snow of Winter is cozy and homey... But my heart belongs to Autumn. Leaves turning warm colors of brown, orange, and fiery red warm my heart amid the cooler temperatures. My two favorite holidays - Halloween and Thanksgiving - make Autumn my favorite time of year. Pumpkin picking, hayrides with my husband and kids, and seeing my daughter near the top of an apple tree trying to find the largest, prettiest, reddest apple in the orchard are memories I look back on dearly.
Which is why this week, I wanted to create a cake in the spirit of Fall. The base was an orange-flavored cake with decadent chocolate buttercream. I covered the cake with a homemade chocolate fondant and decorated with flowers and leaves in warm colors.

Since my children are so into baking and this blog, I like to display their works whenever possible. They get such a rush from it and it certainly doesn't do any harm to their confidence... Earlier this week, they made peanut butter play dough and, using some rainbow jimmies, molded some beautiful and edible pieces! They spent nearly two hours working away at this dough, taking little nibbles here and there and enjoying a mellow weekend. Happy Autumn everyone!

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