Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Egg Hunt Fun... and a Bunny!

This past weekend, as has become tradition in our household, we hosted an Egg Hunt & Brunch the day before Easter. The weather couldn't have been better and the weeklong preparation was relaxing and fun, since the kids were on Spring Break and helped me out quite a bit.

This year we broke away from the norm by having two simultaneous hunts - a traditional egg hunt for the younger kids and a more challenging scavenger hunt for the older ones. The scavenger hunt was a blast with the kids really getting into the clues and the search for the Easter loot. It's definitely something I'll be doing again in future years.

When I host parties, I love to put out a party spread - lots of goodies and bite-sized morsels of delectable indulgences. For this spread I made homemade smores, mini cheesecakes topped with strawberry and blueberry sauce, a strawberry yogurt bundt cake (the recipe can be found here, with a changeup of berries) with freshly whipped cream, warm cream scones with maple and blackberry (made with my homemade blackberry jam) butters, and mini spring cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I also made a frittata with red peppers, mushrooms, sausage and fontina and mini hashbrown cups to accompany it, because you can't just have all sweets. Or can you?

Homemade Smores
Mini Cheesecakes
Cream Scones
Spring Cupcakes
Strawberry Yogurt Bundt with Whipped Cream
Mushroom, Pepper, & Sausage Frittata with Fontina and Hash Brown Cups
"Bunny Crunch" - White Chocolate-Covered Popcorn
This year, Easter brought a super-special surprise for us. After the eggs were found and the treats were enjoyed, I brought out a newborn bunny by the name of Luck E. Bunny, the E. standing for Easter, of course! He quite literally showed up at our front door just the day prior - a special gift from the Easter Bunny himself, I suppose. A bunny this year... What next? It's going to be hard to top this one.

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