Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Leelabean Cakes - My First Review

A few months ago, I posted about an adorable little munchkin turning one and the Lego cake I "built" him. His mother is an super-talented photographer who specializes in capturing amazing shots of children and babies. Her gift shines through in the gorgeous pictures that she takes, which you can check out at her website: Last year, our family had some face time with her and her camera and not only did the pictures come out amazing, we had such a great time! Carolyn's talent, professionalism, and kindness make her a true pleasure to work with. And although her focus is on babies and children, she managed to bring out the fluffy white marshmallow in my four-legged child, Lulu.

Carolyn has a photography/lifestyle blog as well and this week she posted a very sweet review on the Lego cake made by yours truly. Check it out here. Thanks, Carolyn and Jon, for allowing me the opportunity to make a cake for your very special day. I'm glad I could help put such a beautiful smile on Elliott's face.
As for not being able to let go of the Lego man... I know the feeling. Creating unique pieces for my cakes and having to discard of them is not easy. Just yesterday, my hubs threw out my son's shark cake topper that I had made for his 4th birthday. His birthday was in October. Mr. Shark finally came out of my refrigerator and spent the past week jumping from counter space  to counter space in an effort to prepare for his final dive into the garbage can, but I just couldn't get myself to do it. My husband didn't seem to have a problem following through. He's my go-to guy. :-) It was out of sheer necessity, though, as I have quite a few cakes to make this week and will need the highly prized real estate that makes up the innards of my fridge.
More on those celebration cakes to come in the next few days...!

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