Sunday, May 13, 2012


It's the moment I've been waiting for.. Since nearly the beginning of the birth of my blog, I came to terms with the fact that my camera was not up to par for a food blog. Have you been to some of those sites? The recipes are second to the amazing pictures that are displayed lending truth to the saying: "you eat with your eyes first."
Well, after a stint of ill-fated camera mishaps including leaving our last camera on a return flight from Aruba (those precious photographed memories gone..), we purchased a cheap camera that would capture those important moments in our life without much else. The camera just barely met the requirements to take decent pictures and video. But I was definitely deserving of it after my track record..
Well, I think I paid my dues because for Mother's Day this year, my husband and kids surprised me with a new camera.. and not just any camera -the very well-reviewed and highly esteemed Canon EOS T2i digital SLR! Thanks, guys!
Aah, the dreams I have had in the past week of all the shots and angles I'd capture of everything from my baked creations to my kids to sunsets and beyond. And now my dreams will become a reality.... Well, maybe not quite.. This camera is loaded with functions and learning it through and through will take months, I'm sure. And then there's the question of skill... hmm, I guess only time will tell.
Until then I'd like to leave you with some of the first images from my camera..

This week I felt like cupcakes. So I made a bunch. The first was a fluffy vanilla cake with a strawberry filling, topped with a light and airy milk chocolate buttercream.

I love a cake where you can see the specks of vanilla bean.

There's a heart of strawberry filling here.. See it?

The second cupcakes were for Mother's Day so I made them pretty and pink! They were strawberry cupcakes topped with strawberry cheesecake frosting. They were the perfect cupcake for these cute strawberry liners!

My fluffy marshmallow was happy I got the new camera. She was posing for me every chance she could get. Here's a cute one of her lazing around in the grass...

Happy Mother's Day!

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