Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Red, White, & Blue Sheet Cake

Sheet cakes could very well be the most perfect cake. They are baked in cookie sheets that have a 1" lip resulting in a cake with a lot of surface area. Frosting lovers know what that means.. Eating sheet cake is a dream because the frosting to cake ratio is quite high. For me, it's the perfect amount of frosting to cake and you are never left trying to strategize how exactly to take your bites so as not to run out of frosting and be left with a naked piece of cake.

This week, I chose to make a sheet cake for Independence Day. Initially I wanted to do a simple flag design atop the cake, but I changed my mind and am pretty happy with the results. I swirled red and blue into white frosting and topped the frosting with a sprinkling of red and blue stars. Suggestively patriotic.

The cake is a red velvet cake, fluffy and intensely red. I had wanted to try out a powdered dye that I purchased a while ago and it proved to be quite powerful in pigment. I was pleasantly surprised.

As for the frosting, I chose a classic pairing - cream cheese frosting. I whipped it into a frenzy with a bit of whipped cream and it came out fluffy, with a light and airy texture. My husband likened it to ice cream - of the non-melting sort. Ice cream and cake... works for me. :-)

Happy Birthday, America and Happy 4th to all!

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